Mozilla Festival 2019 – Youth Zone needs your sessions!

This year, the Mozilla festival is once again returning around the Autumn half-term. This year’s festival is taking place on the 26th-27th October, at Ravensbourne College, London.

The Call for Proposals is open from 1st June – 1st August 2019 and Youth Zone needs your amazing sessions!

What is Mozfest?

Mozfest is a tech conference/festival hosted by Mozilla, featuring over 300 sessions, 2,500+ attendees and over 500 facilitators.

The festival is split up into a number of different “Spaces”, of which one is the Youth Zone.

Families busy in the Makerspace

What is the Youth Zone?

The Youth Zone is a space dedicated to young people and the young at heart! We focus very heavily on hands on activities/workshops and have had everything in the past number of years from workshops carrot clarinets to unicorn horns to bird-boxes.

We also focus on giving young people the opportunity to run their own sessions. This is why on average we accept around 50% of our sessions each year, from young people. In the past, we have accepted sessions run by facilitators as young as 10!

The formal space description this year is the following…
Mission Brief: Join us on an adventure to create the future of the internet.
A space for young people and those young at heart to make, to code, and to discuss things they are passionate about. We will explore our skills, showcase talented youth, discover how computers make smart choices, and help inspire everyone to make better decisions about their use of the internet and wider technology.

Embark with us on a voyage of hands-on activities, lightning talks, art installations, and outright wacky workshops. We welcome onboard a cosmic crew made up from a mixture of planets and species.

SET your phasers to FUN.

Getting hands on with electronics and coding

What types of sessions are we looking for?

This of course is the big question… What type of sessions are we looking for at this years festival?
Before we can answer this question, it is probably best to describe the physical areas in Youth Zone.

  • The Makerspace – An experiment in 2018 (and returning in 2019), a room filled with scrap/cardboard/LEDs/batteries/lots of other arts/craft supplies!
    This space suits hands on maker workshops.
  • The laptop labs – These rooms are kitted out with a collection of laptops. This works well for activities that run in the web. Installing software is a little more difficult, but chances are we can make it work! Laptop sessions from 2018.
  • The Raspberry Pi lab – This room is kitted out with Raspberry Pis. You can run workshops involving physical computing/electronics, general coding etc in this lab. Raspberry Pi sessions from 2018.
  • Large discussion room – A large room set aside for big group based discussions. Although we generally aren’t looking for up front talks/lectures, if you have a super exciting topic that involves a hands on aspect, this room would fit that. Large discussion room sessions from 2018.
  • Small discussion rooms – These rooms are perfect for smaller 5-10 people discussions on a topic. Small discussion room sessions from 2018.
  • The prototyping space – A large space up on the 9th floor with lasercutters/3D printers/plenty of other digital fabrication equipment. In general, we only accept sessions using the lasercutters, unless in special circumstances. Prototyping space sessions from 2018.

So what types of sessions then?

We are looking for

  • Hands on makerspace workshops (think making a musical instrument from a carrot… Or perhaps make something amazing that is craft themed?
  • Coding workshops for kids – This is usually our most popular batch of workshops each year. To be accepted, they need to be fun, engaging and hands on! The full list can be found here.
  • Prototyping space workshops – Specifically workshops making good use of the lasercutters. For example.
  • Discussion workshops – Workshops on tech topics for young people. That could be e-safety to youth online privacy to “gamestorming” for example. The theme this year is all around machine decision making, could you do a discussion/workshop for kids on that topic?
  • Installations – We are looking for hands on / techy installations for the young people to engage with. For example.

As well as all these sessions above, the festival theme this year is “Healthy AI”. We are really excited to see what ideas you all have on how we can make understanding AI / Machine Learning accessible to young people. More details about the theme can be found here.

Building games in Scratch

I have a crazy session idea!

Fantastic! Head over to the Call for Proposals page and get it submitted!

Building musical instruments out of… Butter tubs…

I have a question?

We can give a go at answering it. Simply send us over an email at youthzone at

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