Mozfest 2018 – Only 24 hours to go of the CfP!

Call for Proposals ->>>

With the Mozilla Festival (Mozfest) Call for Proposals closing in just a few days away (it closes on 1st August 2018 at 6pm PST), I have had a flurry of last minute questions so I thought I would throw together a quick post for this year for what we are looking for.

First off, a brief introduction. I am one of the Wranglers for YouthZone, the section of the festival that is there to provide young people with a platform to get involved with the festival, learn and teach others. The festival takes place in London at Ravensbourne College on the 27th/28th October.
I will also start by saying usually over half of our sessions are lead by young people (with the youngest to date being 12). This is not to say we are not also looking for adults to lead sessions for young people, but we do give young people submitting sessions priority (sorry adults!)

Building a Naturebytes camera project at Mozfest
  1. So what might you submit a session on then?…
    This is the important one, isn’t it? Well, we are looking for any techy topic. Perhaps this could be a coding workshop, perhaps it could be a discussion on how the benefits and issues of social media or even a talk on on how the internet works (maybe not the whole internet…)
    There is a very wide range of topics that you could run a session on. We generally though split them up into 3 types
    – Learning forums – Basically discussions/talks.
    – Galleries – Installations/exhibits that last usually longer than a single session.
    – Shed – Hands on workshops.For shed sessions, we will have at least 1 Raspberry Pi computer lab (if not 2 labs) available (along with accompanying hardware like Microbits/lots of HATs) so are always looking for sessions that make use of that equipment. Do keep in mind though we don’t have a lab of laptops/iPads (and attendees don’t always bring a device of their own).
  2. How long is a session?
    In general a session at Mozfest is an hour, but sometimes a little longer and sometimes a little shorter. A “gallery” installation generally may last a full day or even the full weekend.
  3. How many people would be in my session?
    This hugely depends on the type of session. For discussions, we usually will only have a max of maybe 10 people. For coding/making workshops, there might be up to 30 people. If you would prefer to do your workshop for a certain number (or have a particular limit), just let us know and we will see what we can do.
  4. What age attendees should I expect?
    This one is a bit of a tough one… The most common ages are the 8-15 bracket, but it is possible you end up with younger or older. Remember adults are allowed to attend YouthZone workshops as well.
  5. How many sessions run over the weekend in YouthZone?
    We usually have anywhere from 40-60 sessions that are selected and run over the Saturday/Sunday in YouthZone alone, across up to 10 different physical spaces on our floor.
  6. I would love to submit a session and come along, but I can’t afford it…
    We understand getting to and staying in London for a weekend can be expensive. So as part of the process, it is possible to request a travel/accommodation stipend if you need it. This can be applied for as part of the submission process.
    As well, with YouthZone we usually run a separate programme for young people from the UK where using one of our official Mozilla stipends wouldn’t make sense.
    We do though only have a very limited number of stipends available so we can’t guarantee we can provide you with one of course.
  7. I have more questions!?!?!?
    Great! If you want to take a look at the sessions we accepted last year to get some rough ideas, they can be found here –
    If you have further questions though, feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a tweet.

Call for Proposals ->>>

It’s not just kids in YouthZone!

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